Humanure Composting

We know, we know, you're first instinct is to go, "EWWW!"   But it's really not bad at all.  And we have to do SOMETHING about the water problems in the world - and as long as we keep pooping in perfectly good drinking water, we're going to keep having the same problems.   Do you know that you're basically drinking filtered, treated, chemicalized sewage?  But there are some folks way out ahead on this - and have been taking shots for years for even suggesting the idea - but it works REALLY well.  And instead of flushing a perfectly good resource (human manure fertilizer) you use SCIENCE to easily break it down and have it available down the road.  It doesn't stink, doesn't attract pests and kills all pathogens quickly.  AND it doesn't require expensive septics or sewers OR using drinking water to flush it.

We have requested permission from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to try our plan based on the "Humanure Handbook" and the practices at other places like Dancing Rabbit eco-village in Rutledge, Missouri.  We're waiting to hear back.

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