How can I help? What do you need?

We are SO excited about what God is doing and going to continue to do on this property!  We are already getting calls from people around the country feeling that God wants them to donate livestock and other things when we're ready for it.  We are very used to doing things on a shoestring budget and reusing everything that we can. Some of the things listed below would make a HUGE difference to us.

If you want to donate on a credit or debit card, you can use PayPal by clicking here:

You don't have to sign up or have an account with PayPal to use this.

If you want to mail a check, send it to Liberty Disaster Relief, 118 N. Conistor, #B251, Liberty, MO 64068.

Some of the items we could use if you have extra:

  • Wood chips from tree trimmers (We'll take ALL we can get!)
  • Scrap Metal of any kind, appliances, vehicles, boats, bikes, etc.
  • Semi-trailers of any kind.  Shipping containers of any size. (20', 40' or 53', refrig or high cube)
  • Above ground swimming pools that hold water or kiddy pools. (For fish farm.)
  • Any pond liner, heavy plastic or vinyl. (For the worm farm.)
  • Any barrels, IBC's, water tanks or other large containers.
  • Four wheelers or golf carts to help folks get around the farm.
  • Tractor, mower, baler, bobcat, three-point implements or other old farm equipment.
  • Smaller tools - chainsaw, weedeater, log splitter, winch, generator, etc.
  • Electric fence parts and pieces. Any chain link fence parts or pieces. Bird netting, etc.
  • Goats, chickens, dairy cow, geese, ducks, rabbits, etc.
  • Any feeders, troughs, cages, coops or other equipment.
  • Any dimensional lumber, shingles, sheating, insulation, doors, windows and other buildings supplies.

Some stuff we don't need to own, just borrow.  If you have something you'd be willing to use yourself on our farm - like mowing and bailing hay and we can keep some and you keep some - let us know. Or if you have the right truck to move 20' or 40' shipping containers around or a semi-tractor rig to move donated trailers and would be willing - let us know.

We also need some professional pro bono help. We could use a wastewater engineer to give us some advice. And we're always look for good ideas on permaculture, vermiculture, aquaponics, and other farm stuff.

We're a little early in the process for volunteers, but pretty soon we'll be able to host groups or individuals that can come and help in the greenhouse or with the other projects in the cave.

Most of all we need PRAYER.

Thanks so much for considering us. We have some really amazing ideas for the property and believe that it will be a real show piece when we're a little farther along.