Did we LIE about the vandalism on the property?

At the Zoning hearing, one of the things that was said was that, "There have NEVER been problems out there at that property. They just made up that there was vandalism to justify having people out there."

Now, that is PATENTLY untrue and our goal here is to shine the light of Truth on some of the rumors, slanders and lies that have been spread.  The video below documents just SOME of the damage outside the cave. The graffiti and copper theft and other vandalism inside the cave from before we took possession is EXTENSIVE.

Please, folks. Don't just believe whatever fool thing you hear. Seek the TRUTH. And don't spread gossip. It's not nice and it hurts people. How would YOU like 100 angry people to show up at YOUR next zoning hearing when you want to add on to your house or split your lot?

As we mention in this video, credible testimony from local folks is that the cave was a "speakeasy" (illegal bar) during Prohibition days, it was a "chop shop" for stolen cars at one point, it was a regular party spot for whole generations of people around here! The back of the cave that opened onto Rocky Hollow Lake had to be sealed off because people were going in there to drink - and sometimes getting lost. The folks that ran the haunted house for three years told us that every year when they went in to open it up again they had to fix a lot of vandalism from people throughout the year. The caretaker for the property has had to bar windows, build bigger and stronger doors, weld screens over openings - and more - to keep trespassers out! There is obscene graffiti all over inside the cave. We're still spending a BUNCH of money to fix the damage to the plumbing and electrical and drywall.  This has NOT been a "safe" and "wholesome" space!  And now folks are flipping out that we want to clean it all up and make it a CHURCH?

Anyway, please watch the video.  Don't listen to lies. And don't spread them.