Liberty in Jesus

This is the most important to us of all the information on here.  We want to teach people to walk FREE from the lies of this world and the things that bind them.  That's more than just addiction and sickness, it includes sneaky things like filters and lenses you picked up along the way.  It includes fear and anger and unforgiveness and bad habits you can't lay down.  Jesus Christ didn't just die to save you from Hell - He died to save you from SIN.  You really can walk clean before Him.  You really can hear His voice and be directed by Him (Prov. 3:5-6). 

One of the things you'll never find in the Bible is this religious system that we have developed where Sunday morning and Wednesday night in a dedicated building is the fullness of the Christian walk.  In the first century, the Christians fellowshipped daily and from house to house!  They were a community that ate together and shared with each other and NO ONE was in need.  That doesn't mean every WANT is met, but for sure every NEED.

We've been trying to see if that kind of life is realistic in Modern America.  Well, it turns out that it works REALLY GREAT!  But the people around you typically don't understand it and want to call you names because you have more than three or four people in one big house.  In countries all over the world it's a regular thing to have grandparents and cousins and others packed into your house - sometimes ten to a room - but Americans can't get their head around what it really means to be a "village."

Anyway, we have been working for over a decade now to teach people how truly REAL Jesus Christ is, how available, how loving, and how much He can free you from the chains that bind you.  We have people come visit us from all over the world to get closer to Jesus and hear Him better.

If your pastor tells you that God doesn't talk anymore, ask him WHO "called" him into the ministry.  God is alive and well and we can testify that ALL that stuff He did in the Bible, He still does now.  If you want prayer or to learn more about how to improve your walk with Jesus, check out the links or email us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or call (816-929-4466) or come by and hang out for awhile.